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We’ve got a new way to bike

on January 16, 2018

You heard Montreal was a bike town. A bike tour seemed ideal. But it’s winter. In Montreal. You’re not expecting good news—but there’s good news. And the good news is: fatbikes. What now? A fatbike is an off-road bike that has oversized tires (and a complimentary frame), which means—you got it: you can bike over the snow. And safely, at that (we wouldn’t invite you out if it wasn’t safe!)

Why tour Monteal by fatbike?

Okay, so we’re biased, but we also want you to have a good time and see the city. Here are some great reasons to try out a fatbiking tour.

1. It’s a great way to see Montreal. Maybe you’re more inclined toward the natural sights, like (frozen) Beaver Lake (which you get to bike over), our gorgeous forested paths (which you get to bike through), and top-notch lookout points (yes, accessible right in the downtown). Maybe your interest is in the buildings and sights that make Montreal unique—like the Mont-Royal cemetery (we’ll show you where some famous Montrealers are buried there) and our awesome university campuses. Get closer than you would on a bus, and stay warmer than you would on a walk.

2. It’s fun. It’s athletic, too, but we take an easy-going route that you don’t have to a fitness pro to enjoy. You definitively get some physical activity in, but also get to talk to your guide, friends or family you come with, and other guests. If you’re in town visiting, you get to see the sights in action with a knowledgable guide. If you’re a local, you get to be a tourist in your own city, get a fresh perspective, and maybe even learn (or see) something new.

3. It’s healthy. Most of us don’t spend enough time outside during the winter months to begin with. This gets you outdoors in the fresh air, and gets you using your body. Whether you’ve set fitness goals for the new year, or are just in a winter slump of sorts, this can reenergize you and get you going again.

4. It takes you off the beaten path. When said it, they meant it literally. We mean it both literally and figuratively. At Fitz & Follwell, we’re all about showing you behind-the-scenes, lesser-known sights, in with the more well-known local gems. We like the beautiful spots tourist guides would tell you about, and the ones you’d usually only find out about from locals. And we mean that when it comes to places to eat, things to see and do, and about the actual roads, paths, and routes taken.

5. It’s practical. There’s no doubt about it: touring Montreal by bike just makes sense. You have enough time to see a good amount and variation, you’re not stuck inside or in traffic, and you can weave around in ways that you couldn’t otherwise. Fatbiking takes this all to the next level, providing otherwise unavailable comfort, stability, and safety for biking during the winter months. We provide the bike, and the guide, and all you need to do is follow along.

Bonus: a hot chocolate break in a historic stone house—because we love the outdoors, but believe in warming up and taking it easy, too. Snow day? We might like winter, but we’re considerate—if you’ve booked a tour on a particularly freezing day (below -15°C) we’ll take an alternate route, mostly covering the Plateau and Mile End neighbourhoods, with more indoor stops.

There you have it: biking season in Montreal is now year-round. Hop on, and let us show you around.

Our Fatbike on the Mountain guided tours are available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, departing at 1pm. Tours run 2.5-3 hours and cover 10 kilometers (7 miles).

All ages are welcome; must be 5’ tall or taller. Meeting spot: Café Marius, 1251 Rachel Est Cost: $45/participant

To find out more, or to book, contact us at (+1) 514-418-0651 or

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